Who’s Next? Patent Holder Targets NFL in Latest Lawsuit

Virtual Gaming Technologies LLC (VGT) is no stranger to filing infringement suits against fantasy sports operators. This week, the patent holder has filed lawsuits against FanDuel, DraftKings, Fox Sports, ESPN, Draftpot, and DraftDay. On November 5, 2015, the company targeted a new defendant—the National Football League.

In its complaint, filed in the Eastern District of Texas, the company alleges that the NFL Interactive Gaming Platform infringes upon its patents which similarly offer live scoring in relation to player performance. The plaintiff patent holder claims that the platform used to display real-time data to users was created in the 1990s and has become exceedingly prevalent due to the rapid popularity of fantasy football over the years. Collectively, the complaints allege the infringement of two patents — U.S. Patent Numbers 5,860,862 and 6,193,610. The first patent enables “real time interaction with contest systems over the internet”, while the latter, “enables participants to compete in a contest or game created around an individual event or series of events while it is aired on television.”

Based on the myriad of lawsuits filed by VGT this week, it is apparent that the company refuses to lay low while others cash in on their idea without compensation.

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