X Marks the Spot: Parties Skirmish in Dez Bryant Branding Lawsuit

Dez Bryant, a famed wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys who is also known for crossing his arms in an X after successful plays, is now the focus of a brewing legal battle between Jay-Z’s Roc Nation LLC and Official Brands Inc., a Florida-based sports marketing firm.

The lawsuit was filed in Texas state court by Official Brands, which claims that Roc Nation engaged in tortious interference with regards to theirs and Bryant’s business relationship. More specifically, the lawsuit arises out of Bryant’s agent change that occurred in November when he fired Eugene Parker and retained the services of Roc Naton.

Roc Nation removed the action to federal court on Tuesday, and also filed a motion to dismiss claiming that Official Brands’ suit failed to allege that Roc Nation or its employees took action that lead to the switch. Specifically, Roc Nation stated the following:

These conclusory allegations are deficient. Plaintiff has not identified a single act, statement, contact, or enticement by Roc Nation or any of its representatives or employees … Instead, plaintiff alleges that all ‘defendants’ have committed these amorphous acts.

Official Brands is seeking $200,000 to $1 million in actual damages, as well as exemplary damages for alleged malice or actual fraud. Official Brands’ attorney has also stated that he would not seek remand to state court. The case is Official Brands Inc. v. Roc Nation LLC and is currently in the Northern District of Texas.

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