Rooftop Clubs Outside Wrigley Field Attempt To Block Expansion Plan

Claiming that Chicago’s plan to expand Wrigley Field violates the city ordinance, the owners of eight Wrigley Field rooftop clubs filed a suit to ask the court to block the plan.

The city’s Landmarks Commission recently approved the $375 million project to improve the aging ballpark.  The expansion plan includes adding more seats and erecting seven outfield signs.  When the plan was announced a month ago, the business owners strongly opposed to the plan because the signs would block the view from their rooftops.

The …

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Major League Broadcasting Challenged by Blacked-Out Fans

The National Hockey League and Major League Baseball broadcasting policies are headed for trial after the dismissal of their motions for summary judgment in an antitrust lawsuit last week.

The plaintiffs are a class of frustrated NHL and MLB sports fans who filed a lawsuit against the organizations two years ago, claiming the restrictions on local television broadcasting (including blackouts) violate sections of the Sherman Antitrust Act.  The lawsuit alleges that broadcasting territory restrictions and collusion between the leagues and the broadcasting companies unfairly increases …

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A-Rod’s PED Supplier Surrendered to DEA

The master mind in the Biogenesis scandal surrendered to DEA on Tuesday, tentatively closing a chapter of the two-year Operation Strikeout investigation.  Anthony Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis clinic, and his associates have been charged with conspiracy to distribute steroids.  The doping scandal marred some of Major League Baseball’s famous names like Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon.  Close to 20 players have been suspended by MLB for having tested positive or for their usage of steroids revealed in clinic …

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Cubs Bring Trademark Infringement Suit Over Fake Mascot Billy Cub

The Chicago Cubs filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against five individuals who allegedly have been dressing in a fake mascot costume near Wrigley Field.  The complaint claimed that these individuals in their “Billy Cub” outfits not only engaged in “mascot-like activities” but also participated in “unsavory actions.”  Like the genuine Cubs mascot Clark the Cub’s costume, the outfit includes Cubs cap and jersey with “Billy Cub” and the number 78 on the back.

The fake mascots solicited tips near the ball park for dancing or …

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A-Rod Listens to Ex-Con over His Law Firm

Alex Rodriguez is being sued by his lawyer, David Cornwell, for over $380,000 in unpaid legal fees.  Cornwell, a prominent sports attorney, acted as legal counsel for A-Rod during his Biogenesis doping suspension scandal.  Apparently he wasn’t the only one giving A-Rod  legal advice.

Cornwell filed a complaint on Monday demanding the payment as well as prejudgment interest and attorney fees.  The complaint stated Rodriguez refused to pay the amount, relying on the advice of ex-con Desiree Perez who was arrested in1994 for intent to …

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California Jury Tells Dodgers: Make the Ball Park Safer

A California jury awarded about $18 million in damages for Bryan Stow who was left permanently disabled after beaten by two men at the Dodgers stadium parking lot in 2011.  Of the total judgment, the Dodgers share would be about $15 million while The Los Angeles Times reported the number to be $13.9 million.  The jury determined the baseball team was 100% liable for Stow’s economic losses including lost wages and medical bills but 25% liable for pain and suffering.

The Dodgers attorneys argued that …

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Cleveland Indians Logo Under Attack

The Native American advocacy group, “People Not Mascots,” is threatening the Cleveland Indians with a lawsuit for $9 billion in damages.  The group claims that the Cleveland Indians’ logo, Chief Wahoo, is offensive and racist.

According to the group’s leader, Robert Roche, a Chiricahua Apache, the substantial amount of damages is based “on a hundred years of disparity, racism, exploitation, and profiteering.”  Roche further stated the logo has “been offensive since day one.  We are not mascots.  My children are not mascots.  We are people.”…

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Royals Foul Out in Court Over Flying Hotdogs

Is a flying hotdog an inherent risk of watching a baseball game? Missouri’s highest court said no.  The appeal before the court was a personal injury verdict in a jury trial.  The case was brought by Royals fan John Coomer who was hit by an airborne hotdog tossed by the team’s mascot “Sluggerrr.”  Coomer claimed that the flying hotdog caused a detached retina which required a surgery.  At trial, the jury found the team at no fault.

It was a crucial question that determines whether …

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Does it Look Silly? Padres Reliever Alex Torres Says Safety over Sleekness.

It may look awkward and uncomfortable, but this protective cap could make the difference.  That seems to be the message Padres pitcher Alex Torres was making when he wore a protective cap during the Saturday night’s game.

While the media hype is on NFL given the concussion class-action lawsuit, the awareness of concussion dangers has spread out both vertically and horizontally.  It has tinkled down to youth sports and spread to other professional sports like baseball.

Although it is not a contact sports per se, …

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Former Baltimore Orioles Star sues Seminole Tribe for $10M Over Casino Slip and Fall

Two years ago retired MLB Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson fell off of a stage during a charity event at the Hard Rock Casino in Southern Florida. Now, Robinson is suing the casino’s owner – the Seminole Tribe – for almost $10 million in damages as a result of the plunge.

Allegedly, Robinson’s tumble occurred after the star attempted to stand using the wall behind his chair for support. However, the “wall” was actually a curtain with no railing or other support behind it.  Robinson …

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