Fans Request Time-Out on Rams Consolidation Request

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The Rams are facing several lawsuits from multiple groups of fans for their off-season decision to relocate to Los Angeles. The different parties have been in a ‘tug of war’ over the proper venue for a while now with varying winners and losers. The parties are also battling over whether or not to consolidate the different suits.

After already consolidating three actions in the Eastern District of Missouri, a group of fans are now urging the court not to consolidate a fourth case under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act. According to the fans in Pudlowski v. St. Louis Rams, the football club’s “assertion that their Motion to Consolidate is ripe for adjudication is patently false.”

Pudlowski and other fans argue that “[t]he Eight Circuit did not rule that federal subject matter jurisdiction exists over the Pudlowski case. Rather, the Eight Circuit remanded the Pudlowski case to Judge White with instructions to consider two belatedly filed affidavits presented by defendants at the sur-reply stage of the remand briefing.” Therefore, the fans argue, the case is not ripe for consolidation “until Judge White issues his ruling on Plaintiffs’ Motion to Remand….”

The fans in the three already consolidated suit are requesting federal Judge Limbaugh to hold that the team misrepresented its intentions about staying in St. Louis, resulting in the purchase of $50 million worth of useless season tickets, merchandise and concessions. The fans are requesting a refund.

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