NCAA President Says Student-Athlete Compensation Rule Changes Limited by Antitrust Lawsuits

NCAA President Mark Emmert stated in a panel that the NCAA’s planned reforms regarding student-athlete compensation will be limited by rulings in various antitrust cases.

After California passed a law allowing for student-athlete compensation and many states looked to follow, the NCAA announced in a statement that it would allow student-athletes to benefit off their name, image, and likeness. The NCAA stressed that any changes would have to be consistent with the collegiate model.

In addition to new laws and proposed legislation, the NCAA …

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UFC Moves for Summary Judgment in Antitrust Class Action

On July 30, Zuffa LLC—parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (“UFC”)—moved for summary judgment, requesting the dismissal of an antitrust suit filed against them by a proposed class of mixed martial arts (“MMA”) fighters. While the MMA fighters allege that the UFC engaged in anti-competitive practices to dominate the MMA industry and restrict fighters’ wages, the UFC counters that there is no evidence of such activity, instead contending that fighters’ wages are increasing.

The action was originally filed in 2014 by fighters Cung …

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Minor Leaguers to Appeal Dismissal of Antitrust Action Against MLB

Earlier this month, a federal judge in California granted Major League Baseball’s motion to dismiss the minor league players’ antitrust lawsuit. On Wednesday, the minor league players informed the court that they plan to appeal the decision.

The lawsuit—a class action filed in 2014—alleges that the MLB violated federal antitrust laws by suppressing the compensation of minor league players through its anti-trust exemption. District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam, Jr. dismissed the case pursuant to a January 2015 decision in which the 9th Circuit upheld …

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Former NCAA Football Player Testifies in the O’Bannon Trial

On June 11, Tyrone Prothro, former wide receiver at University of Alabama, took the witness stand in a landmark anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA.  Prothro is most known for his 2005 legendary play dubbed as ‘The Catch’ which unfortunately left him with horrific injuries including a broken leg which was completely destroyed three weeks later in a game against Florida.  Since The Catch, Prothro underwent 10 leg surgeries that essentially ended his football career.  On the other hand, Alabama received $110,000 in general scholarship fund …

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