Philadelphia Police Clear Gritty of Alleged Assault

Gritty, the famed Philadelphia Flyers mascot, was recently cleared of all assault charges following a Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) investigation. In 2018, Gritty was introduced, and instantly beloved, as the new mascot of the Flyers. His bizarre and horrifying look, outlandish behavior, and mischievous acts – including wedding crashing, taunting nuns, internet trolling, streaking at the Penguins-Flyers Stadium Series game, and dropping the gloves with youth hockey players – have earned him fame and admiration of not only Flyers’ fans, but fans across the NHL.…

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NHL Players’ Assault Charges Dismissed

On January 22, 2020, the assault charges against Colorado Avalanche forward A.J. Greer and Columbus Blue Jackets forward Sonny Milano were dismissed after the two paid an undisclosed victim’s medical bills and performed community service.

On July 7, 2019, Greer and Milano were arrested in New York City after an alleged assault of an undisclosed 28-year-old individual. Following their arrest, Greer and Milano faced third-degree assault charges. The New York Post reported that the undisclosed individual promised the two players that he could arrange table …

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Federal Judge Rejects Amended Complaint in Ohio State Sexual Assault Case

A federal judge overseeing a sexual assault lawsuit against The Ohio State University (OSU) has denied the plaintiffs’ motion to amend the complaint for the time being, stating that the parties need to focus on mediation.

Hundreds of former athletes and others have filed lawsuits against OSU, alleging that university doctor Richard Strauss, now deceased, sexually abused or assaulted them. In May 2019, law firm Perkins Coie LLP released an investigative report concluding that Strauss sexually abused at least 177 men during his tenure at …

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Jameis Winston, One of 2015 NFL Top Picks, in Civil Suit for Rape

In the lawsuit filed in a Florida state court in Orlando, Erica Kinsman accused Winston of assault, false imprisonment, sexual battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Through her attorneys David King, Baine Kerr, and John Clune, Kinsman is demanding more than $15,000 as well as “the right to seek leave as to her entitlement to punitive damages.”

Specifically, the suit alleged that Winston’s “conduct was extreme and outrageous and caused Plaintiff to suffer severe mental anguish and suffering, including, more specifically, loss of sleep, …

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The Shaq “Attack”

The one-time NBA superstar and basketball commentator,  Shaquille O’Neal (“Shaq”), is under investigation for an incident that occurred outside Turner Studios in Atlanta, GA on March 19th. An Atlanta news station obtained a police report detailing an alleged assault between Shaq and Robert Williams, a co-worker, outside of Turner Studios. After his 2011 retirement, Shaq signed on with Turner Sports and joined “Inside the NBA” as an NBA commentator.

According to the police report, Williams stated that Shaq “ran out of a room …

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Former Producer Sues the WWE Over Big Show’s Aggressive Interview That Was All Too Real

Former WWW Producer Andrew Green has filed suit against World Wrestling Entertainment (the “WWE”) and professional wrestler Paul Wight Jr. a/k/a “Big Show” over a messy backstage interview.  Part of Green’s job responsibilities as a producer was to interview wrestlers following their bouts.  Green was asked to interview Big Show after his World Heavyweight Championship bout vs. Alberto Del Rio during January’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.  Big Show initially refused to do the interview until he was informed that it was ordered by a high …

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