Youth Football Concussion Suit, Pop Warner Seeks to Exit

Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. submitted a motion for summary judgment to U.S. District Court Judge Phillip S. Gutierrez for the Central District of California on October 25, 2019. Pop Warner is a named defendant in a lawsuit alleging the organization knew of, and hid, the safety risks associated with youth football. The youth football organization is asserting the plaintiffs’ lack of evidence to show it was aware of the alleged health risks until years later.

According to the complaint filed September 1, 2016, Paul …

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CBS Interactive Inc. Sued for Trademark Infringement

On July 13, 2018, Fulltime Fantasy Sports, LLC (Fulltime) sued CBS Interactive Inc. (CBSi) for trademark infringement, false advertising, breach of contract, conversion, unlawful and deceptive practices, and unfair competition. According to the complaint, “[a]s fantasy football season approaches, Fulltime has been forced to file this action to seek relief from the Court’s so that CBSi will stop misappropriating Fulltime’s intellectual property and good will, stop confusing consumers, and pay Fulltime what it is owed.”

Fulltime, founded in 2011, “provided premier fantasy sports content, …

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Bring it Back Now Y’all: Judge Allows Previously Dismissed Claims to Continue After Amended Complaint

On Monday, August 3, a federal judge reinstated a number of claims in a false advertising putative class action lawsuit. The lawsuit was originally filed in December 2013 by parents and others who argue that they paid extra for Riddell football helmets, thinking they would do a better job than others of preventing concussions.

Chief U.S. District Judge Jerome B. Simandle had dismissed the suit back in January, but he gave the lawyers for the parents leave to file an amended complaint to clarify their …

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Do You Know Where Your Beer Was Born?: Anheuser-Busch brews litigation with deceptive marketing

Anheuser-Busch, the world’s leader in beer production, is the target of public scorn for its alleged misleading labels and unfair marketing tactics.

In the past two years, consumers have brought as many lawsuits against the brewer for false advertisement.  Consumers are claiming that two of Anheuser-Busch’s beers mislead consumers into thinking the beer is imported, though it is actually brewed on American soil with American water and ingredients.  The lawsuits name Kirin Ichiban and Beck’s as improperly labeled beer that misleads customers into believing the …

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