City of Oakland Strikes Back Against NFL, Claiming It Forces Host Cities to Make a “Hobson’s Choice”

In a lawsuit over the Oakland Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas, the city of Oakland has argued that the NFL has forced it and other host cities to make a “Hobson’s choice”: either pay excessive prices to keep an NFL team, or lose the team altogether.

As we reported in December 2018, the city of Oakland sued the NFL and all of its 32 teams over the decision to relocate the Raiders to Las Vegas, claiming that the league violated its own policies in addition …

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NFL Officially Partners With DraftKings for Daily Fantasy

On September 26, 2019, the NFL announced that it has selected DraftKings to be its first official daily fantasy partner. Notably, this partnership deal does not include sports betting.

In a joint statement, the companies stated that their partnership includes “exclusive sponsorship of the daily fantasy sports category with access to NFL branding and more.” NFL Chief Revenue Officer Renie Anderson said, “[d]aily fantasy football has been a tremendous vehicle for fans of all types to deepen their engagement with the NFL.” Over 11 …

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Raiders Prevail in Lawsuit Against City of Oakland

U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero granted the Oakland Raiders, the NFL, and 31 other NFL teams their motion to dismiss a lawsuit from the City of Oakland on Thursday. In a 30-page order, Judge Spero found that a city cannot recover damages based on tax revenue from the “broad scope of economic activity associated with the presence of a professional football team.” The Raiders previously claimed the City of Oakland could “lose significant tax and other income” associated with the Raiders’ pending move …

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NCAA Analyzes the Impact of Legalized Sports Betting

On July 19, 2018, the NCAA announced that it was analyzing the impact of legalized sports betting by creating an internal team of experts. The team of experts would exam the long-term effects of legalized sports betting and its impact on college sports, including its impact on officiating, rules, and the used of integrity services. The NCAA said it remains opposed to legalized sport betting and is focused on protecting student-athletes and the integrity of their events. According to NCAA chief legal officer Donald Remy, …

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eSports Multibillion Dollar Question

As one of the fastest growing industries today, eSports is starting to garner the attention of not just investors, but also gamblers. The interest in eSports from sports bettors is predictable, given that this industry generated $325 million in revenue in 2015 from merchandise, media rights, advertising, and tickets alone. In fact, according to the market research firm Eilers & Krejcik, the unregulated eSports betting market generated around $7.4 billion in betting turnover in 2016 and is expected to reach $23 billion by 2020. As …

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Are Rates at Vegas Hotels Rising to Pay for Local NFL Stadium?

The proposal to bring an NFL stadium to Las Vegas is no surprise; however, the fact that some of the funding for this $1.9 billion project is expected to come from the public may be shocking to some.

In March 2016, the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee proposed a plan to bring a NFL stadium near the Las Vegas Strip. The proposal initially suggested that over $700 million for the project come from public funding. As a result, the committee recently voted in favor …

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NHL Becomes the First Major Pro-Sports League to Take a Gamble on Las Vegas

On June 22, 2016 the NHL officially announced that the city of Las Vegas, Nevada will be getting an expansion franchise. Speculation has been rampant that a deal was in place — pending a vote by the NHL’s Board of Governors — for the first major professional sports franchise in Las Vegas. The NHL Board of Governors voted unanimously to approve the Las Vegas franchise, backed by Fidelity Financial Chairman Bill Foley, to begin play in the 2017-18 seasons. In the last few years …

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Growing Pains: Las Vegas NFL Stadium Proposal Unveiled, Met with Some Opposition

On Thursday, March 24, 2016, University of Nevada at Las Vegas representatives and executives at the Las Vegas Sands Corporation unveiled a proposal to the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee to build a $1.3 billion NFL-team-ready football stadium near the Las Vegas strip.

The SNTIC oversees the investment of state and local finances into city infrastructure. Based on a previous statement made by Sands, the project might seek approximately $780 million in public funding.

Although two major event facilities already exist in Las Vegas – …

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Let the Games Begin: NHL Opens Bidding for Expansion Teams

The NHL announced on Wednesday that starting on July 6th, it will begin accepting applications for expansion NHL teams. The bidding window will be open until August 10th. If the NHL ultimately chooses to expand, it will be the first time that a team has been added to the league in about a decade and a half.

Many speculate that Las Vegas will be the home for the next team. AEG – NHL partner and owner of the Los Angeles …

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